"feeling blue? take control of your life"

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LifeTweaker: track, graph, tweak

LifeTweaker allows you to improve your life by tracking your habits.


Keep track of your habits by recording the small numbers in your life. It only takes a minute a day to log some key indicators like the amount of hours you slept, your weight, your mood, your situps, etc.


Visualize your habits over time and compare to find correlations. Many small numbers make a beautiful line graph. Your daily tracking will pay off when you see you're heading in the right direction.


Use your insights to make small adjustments and improve your life. Individual problems require individual solutions. Reading books and following advice is one thing. But only by tracking we see what actually works for ourselves.

Life + Tweaker

To tweak is to improve a complex system by making small adjustments. Your life is such a complex system than can be improved as long as you compare key indicators over time. It's like fine-tuning a car engine or optimizing a computer, only more difficult and life critical.