"take control of your life"

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personalized solutions

track anything

LifeTweaker comes as a simple, empty, versatile platform which you can set up so you can track anything you want. You can create any type of item with any type of unit, as long a it can be measured with a number over time. It's a very simple, open system that will allow you to coach yourself.

loosing weight

By tracking your weight you will be able to gain or loose weight, see trends and patterns on which combination of food, excercise and sleep work best. We recommend weighing yourself twice a day, once before breakfast and once after dinner. Consistingly doing so will help you see accurate trends.

getting fit

Make sure you get your daily excercise and see it evolve over several months. You don't need to be an athlete to get fit. Just start with something easy for which you don't need gear or specialized equipment. Try to find a routine you enjoy and easily can squeeze into your busy schedule.

growing up

As your children grow up keep track of their height and weight. You will see that several family members share common patterns.

pets and plants

Want to find out about your pet's habits? Just track some key indicators over time. And while you're at it, your plants deserve a better life too.


Anything else you would like to track, such as mood, finance, car mileage, etc. Since LifeTweaker comes as an open, simple platform you can set it up the way you want. Why don't you give it a try?