"ready for a splash of energy?"

LifeTweaker is a self-tracking tool for the quantified self, a life graph to tweak your life, improve a complex system with small adjustments, line graph for life, track your habits, improve your life, track small numbers, get the big picture, self improvement, self awareness, simple life style management, Health, Life, Nutrition, Physical fitness, Weight loss, weight graph, life in tools, self-improvement, self development training, self development plan, self development, coach, goal, self improvement program, life coaching, life plan, life maps, life charts, life chart, life map, life visualization, life visualisation, about blog features signup cases screenshots pricing privacy login disclaimer tos contact help testimonials


track - graph - tweak

  • track anything
  • easy to use
  • clean simple interface
  • manage multiple profiles
  • manage multiple items and categories
  • add entries by form or quick buttons
  • graph your data and compare items/profiles
  • privacy and security

  • share graph on facebook
  • send graph by email
  • download graph as png
  • download your data as csv