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all features explained

LifeTweaker is a simple open platform to track your habits over time. This simplicity makes it both difficult to start with, but easy to shape it to fit your needs. This help file simply explains the features. For ideas on how to get the most out of the LifeTweaker application we refer to the case studies and testimonials on the website.


only application tabs

Once you login you will be presented a different menu from the public website. You will only see the 'LifeTweaker application tabs' in order to keep a simple interface.

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your dashboard

Make sure to check your dashboard for relevant settings which can enhance the web application for you.

password and timezone

You can change your PASSWORD and TIMEZONE in the settings panel.

payment status

You can review your payment status in the settings panel.

export data

You can download all of your data in the settings panel.

If you only have just started we have no data yet, so there is nothing to download.

Once you enter data you will be presented a download data button. You can download all your data in a comma separated text file (.csv) which can also be opened in software such as MS EXCEL and OpenOffice CALC

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each person you track

Add a new profile for each person you would like to track: John, Jane, partner, daughter, son, etc.

add profile

Choose a short name or alias as it will have to be listed throughout the application.

By providing birthdate and gender we will be able to provide personalized advice.

profiles overview

The profiles tab will give an overview of all profiles created.

edit profile

You can edit each profile and save your changes.


You can review your biorythm. This is only for entertainment purposes as it is considered pseudo-science.


You can review some trivia data about your life since birth. These are given for entertainment purposes and the information is considered approximate.

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a key indicator

An item is each type of indicator you would like to track, such as weight, sleep and mood.

add item

Choose a short name for your item as it needs to be repeated throughout the web application. Choose a corresponding unit, anything you see fit, as long as it is easy to assign a numeric value to. The item type is the way you would like to see your data calculated. For weight you would choose AVG average, as your weight does not double (SUM) by weighing yourself twice a day.

Sleep, sit ups and walking on the other hand would be SUM as walking twice a day for half an hour really gives you one hour of walking for that day, so you want to add them up.

items overview

The items tab will give you an overview of all items created.

item examples

You are totally free to add any item of your choice, as long as it can be tracked by a number. Below is a list of items you could consider tracking, but feel free to add anything else as you see fit.

item unit description
alcohol units a small can of beer is about 1.7 alcohol units, a large can 2.5; use online converting tools to keep track of your party habits; Men max 21/week, 4/day, minimum two days 0; Women max 14/week, 3/day, minimum two days 0; Pregnant Woment max 4/week, 2/day;
async breathing cycles a method of inhaling/exhaling in certain ways, count your cycles
biking km bicycle distance
bloodHigh mmHg blood pressure monitoring devices are getting smaller and cheaper, use an online blood pressure chart for reference, ideal is 105 (+/-15)
bloodLow mmHg blood pressure monitoring devices are getting smaller and cheaper, use an online blood pressure chart for reference, ideal is 70 (+/-10)
body temp C fevers, ovulating cycles, keep track of your body temperature and find patterns for week days and months
cigarette pack measure your nicotine addiction per pack
cigarette piece measure your nicotine addiction per cigarette
coffee cups measure your cafeine addiction per cup
daily steps steps recommended minimum of 5,000 steps per day, ideally 10,000 and some days aim for 20,000
drinks L measure your liquid intake per liter
drinks glasses measure your liquid intake per glass
food Kcal measuring food intake the precise way
food gr measuring food intake the lazy way; just weigh your plate
gardening min why not keep track of your physical hobbies, approximate logging is good enough
heart bpm resting heart rate, the average resting heart rate for adult women is about 65 beats per minute and for males averages 52 beats per minute (+/-6)
height cm see your child grow over time
labour min hard labour
push ups times start with a few push ups per day, increase but moderately as you want to try to sustain on a daily basis
running km track your running distance
shopping USD track your financial data
sit ups times start with a few sit ups per day, increase but moderately as you want to try to sustain on a daily basis
sleep hours approximate sleeping time per night, does not need to be more accurate than half an hour, e.g. 7.5 for 7:30
swimming km hardcore swimmers might want to track distance
swimming min recreational swimmers might want to track time in the water
waist cm Waist Circumference (WC) measured in centimeters 
waisthip whr Waist–hip ratio or waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is the ratio of the circumference of the waist to that of the hips. WHO STEPS states that abdominal obesity is defined as a waist–hip ratio above 0.90 for males and above 0.85 for females, or a body mass index (BMI) above 30.0.[5] The National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) states that women with waist–hip ratios of more than 0.8, and men with more than 1.0, are at increased health risk because of their fat distribution
walking km hardcore walkers might want to track distance
walking min recreational walkers might want to track time, approximate is good enough to find patterns; ideally 30 minutes per day
waterAlk mgL for those with an aquarium or pond, Alkalinity (Carbonate hardness)
waterPH pH for those with an aquarium or pond, The pH is in all respects a measure of acidity and alkalinity, pH 0 - 6.99 is acid; pH 7.0 is regarded as neutral and pH 7.01 - 14.0 is alkaline.
weight kg best is to weigh twice per day, once before breakfast, once after dinner

Other things you might want to track: sex, dates, attention span, REM sleep, commuting, swearing, daydreams, caffeine intake, people met, keystrokes, arithmetic speed, allergic reactions, mood, happiness, footsteps, memory recall, body motion, medical and health related factors, body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and presence or absence of bio-chemicals

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grouped items

A category is a group of items you would like to see graphed together.

add category

Create a new category by giving a short descriptive name.

The categories tab will give an overview of all categories created so far.

Edit Category

Edit category

Manage Category Items

Manage category items by adding them one by one. Here we want to group the items 'sit ups' and 'walking' into one category 'exercise'. This means we can later choose to graph each separately or both together.

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my kingdom for a number

Entries are the numeric values you add for a give profile and item combo.

Choose the correct profile and item, add a numeric value, a comment if needed. You can change the date and time to add a number in the past or future as well.

Some data will be entered on a daily basis and the most used ones will automatically be added as 'Quick Add Buttons' so you only have to click those each day to enter the same data. The time and date will be added automatically.

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get the big picture

You can create a graph for each profile and item. You can change the period to show from 1 week to all life.

Compare Items and Categories

You can compare two items of the same profile. You can also compare categories. Below we have a graph of sleep and the combination of walking and sit ups as grouped in the category 'exercise'.

Compare Profiles

You can compare two different items of two different profiles.

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discover your habits

visual trend graph for a profile/item combo for week days, month days, week numbers and year months

you will be able to see trends, which days your values are above/below average

choose any of your profiles/items:

e.g. average hours of sleep on week days:

get visual and list views:

choose from week days, month days, week numbers and year months

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something to look forward to

Each profile can have a goal for a certain item.

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let the world know

Once you have created a graph you can create a snapshot and share with friends. First you need to create the 'snapshot' by clicking on the 'share image with friends' button. Until you click this button there will be no image of the graph and sharing will be impossible.

share on facebook

You can share a graph on facebook. Connect to facebook and type a description before clicking the 'share' button.

send by email

You can send the graph by email and add your mail message.

download picture

You can download the picture as a .png file to your local computer.

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