"learn how to relax"

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less than a dollar per month

slow and steady

LifeTweaker is not a signup, bling, fireworks type of website. It starts off as a simple, open but empty platform which gradually becomes more valuable to you as you feed it with your data. You will set up your own profiles, items and categories as you see fit. You can keep it simple, or track more complex groups of key indicators. You decide. So give it time to grow and the more you feed it the more you will harvest.

free trial

You can sign up for free and test the service for 30 days after which all your data will be deleted if you do not wish to continue.



Pay less than a dollar per month. After your trial period you will be asked to become a paying member based on an annual subscription. You will have access to all key features of the website and to all future improvements. This helps us avoiding ads on the website.



You will only benefit from LifeTweaker by using it on a daily or weekly basis. It's a commitment to improve your life over a sustained period. Signing up is a promise to yourself to improve your life and discover long lasting benefits. Your subscription fee symbolises that commitment, as well as supporting development and maintenance of the website.



You can always cancel your annual subscription by deleting your account. You will not be charged again and we will delete all your data. Of course, you are able to export and save all your data on your local computer before deleting your account.